Links to other people's useful work, ideas, videos or posts:

"Psychological Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro"
by Joshua Samson @Pluralsight

"Hitchcock's Pure Cinema - The Kuleshov Effect"
by Stephen DaVega
"Uber Shortcuts for Premiere"
by Tasos Fokas

"Mercalli V4 - Image stabilization + CMOS Correction in one package" by ProDAD

"12 Tips On How To Work From Home As A Freelance Video Editor" by Mike Wilkinson

Windows version of open source multitracking
Linux video editor Kdenlive
"Why Snow and Confetti Ruin YouTube
Video Quality"
by Tom Scott

"Creating a Custom DVD in Premiere Pro and Encore" by Adobe Premiere CC Tutorials
"How to split an object and the background on video" by The Best Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tips

"How Codecs Work - Tutorial"
by David Kong

"Understanding Exports - Video Tutorial"
by David Kong

Parachute® is an acclaimed European type foundry which was founded in 2001 by Panos Vassiliou.

"Μοντάζ: Επεξεργασία Κινούμενης Εικόνας μέσα από Ψηφιακά Προγράμματα (Pr)" by elearn.elke.uoa.gr

"The professional authoring standard"

"Holding Long and Cutting Short: 2 Brilliant Moments
in Editing" by CineFix

"Beauty Box Video 4.0 Skin Retouching Plugin:
Adobe Premiere Pro Intro" by Digital Anarchy

"Face Movie - New in Picasa 3.8" by Think Hammer
download here Picasa 3.9 (discontinued)