Links to other people's useful work, ideas, videos or posts:

"ARRI workshop - Sean Bobbitt, BSC
Camerimage 2013" by ARRIChannel
"DSLR video: Tips for filming at night & in low light" by Fenchel & Janisch
"Filmmaking techniques" by Courtis Brownjohn"The Bouba-Kiki Effect" by SciFri

"Composition in storytelling"
by Channel Crishwell
"You Don't NEED 4K- Great Cinematography
on A Dirt Poor Budget" by B. Carter
"Dialogue in Film: How Should Characters Talk?" (The dead parent test) by NowYouSeeIt "How to Shoot Beautiful Wedding Films
Indy News" by Indy Mogul

"Children of Men: Don't Ignore The Background"
by Nerdwriter1
"How to shoot B-roll"
by GearDads

"Parallax Camera Move" (camera pivots around actor) by Enno Jacobsen

"Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make"
by D4Darious

"96-Minute Interview with Alfred Hitchcock on Filmmaking (1976)" by Eyes On Cinema

"Hot moves, the science of awesome"
by Hollywood Camera Works
"Training for Scriptwriting, Camera, Shooting, Lighting and Video Post Production" by NextWaveDV

"The Dolly Zoom: More Than A Cheap Trick"
by Now You See It
"Directing the Eye Part 1 – Psychological Elements"
 "Part 2 - Contrast and Color" by Thann Clark

"Lynne Ramsay - The Poetry of Details"
by Every Frame a Painting